Friday, June 12, 2009


Digital Transition happened today and there are some issues. I used to be able to pick up ABC Analog just fine and the digital ABC in my area (Davie, FL) is horrible. In fact, it got WORSE TODAY- which is the opposite of what should happen- shouldn't the digital feed be stronger now that they don't have to broadcast in analog?

I love OTA HD and while I am able to pick up ABC just fine via satellite, sometimes you want insurance- especially living in SouthFLA with our thunderstorms that I can pick up the local stations when the dish is out.

TV is not the only medium that is games are going motion controlled. Project Natal was introduced at E3 and it looks like the industry is moving away from the controller- bad idea. What is funny is that the industry KNOWS this is a bad idea. You won't be playing Modern Warfare 2 or Madden 2010 with Project Natal. I have no problem using PN on certain games like the Ricochet demo they previewed, but don't try and hype this up as the "future." It is an accessory that will be used in certain games and there will even be modes in a game like Madden like training camp where they might use it as a gimmick. But Microsoft wants to make money on hardware and would like to see as much games as possible utilizing this gimmick. You know what games looked the best at E3- Metroid Other M, Uncharted 2, and Modern Warfare 2- the latter 2 were demoed using the standard controller.

Sony introduced a motion CONTROLLER- less gimmicky but with the same philosophy of hoping gamers pay for more hardware accessories. Again, some games showed promise like the demo of the knight killing things with a sword and crossbow with amazing precision- but would you want to play Uncharted 2 with that thing- NO!

It's funny how we evolved to using a touchscreen on our cellphones and then realized how much we need a physical keyboard for email/text. Innovation and immersion are great, but if a digital channel can't get a signal and you can't control multiple players with one body it's a distraction from escapism.

UPDATE- A Rescan fixed the issue with ABC-HD. My Sony TV was picking up 10.3 and after the rescan it put it back to 10.1

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