Saturday, June 20, 2009

Gaming on the Go

Miami does not have any type of infrastructure for public transportation. The reason this sucks is because now that I have graduated and there are no more classes my PSP and DS Lite get a lot less use. At home I use my consoles and I get few opportunities at work to be productive (gamewise).

The device that gets the most play is the iPhone- just because its the gadget that I ALWAYS have on hand. Gaming on the iPhone is impossible. Try playing the NES emulator on a jailbroken iPhone- using a touchscreen is just not feasible for traditional games. The only way to lose playing with the Raiders in Tecmo Bowl is to control Video Bo using the iPhone touchscreen. My T-Mobile Dash was much better as an NES emulator than the iPhone and I could easily play games like Tecmo Bowl, Contra, and Mario.

Now, Metal Gear Touch is a fantastic game for the iPhone, and seeing Quake run on it is pretty cool and something you definitely cannot do on the Dash- but there are a lot of games that you just NEED controls; games like Madden, FIFA, ProEvo, Tekken, etc.

Apple is finally addressing this with 3.0- now you can add devices to the iPhone port. Some of these peripherals will be game controllers. But, if I am carrying around a peripheral add-on, wouldn't I just be better off carrying my DS Lite or PSP?

Or should I just wait on the iPhone PRO or a GSM Palm Pre?

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