Friday, August 7, 2009

Video Gaming a Sport?

Bryant Gumble recently tackled this subject up on his show Real Sports- it is often brought up when people mention "fringe" sports along with chess, race car drivers, etc. Tom Watson was the focus on this segment and after his recent performance, Golf is again in the spotlight.

I never thought Golf as being a sport, this was way before Tiger Woods. Golf is basically eye and hand coordination- just like crossbow, bow and arrow, sharpshooting, bowling, and billiards. If Tiger Woods is an athlete so is Minnesota Fats. If John Daly met his potential and won multiple majors would we be so quickly to label him as one of the top athletes of our time? Are we ready to put Tom Brady and Phil Mickelson in the same Athletic category?

Are we even ready to put Matt Light and Offensive Linemen in the same category as Randy Moss? I agree with Bryant Gumble and I think Sports is like beauty and is truly in the eye of the beholder.

But, if we do consider Golf as a sport and you can currently get a gold medal in the olympics for archery (but the olympics is known for cancelling and adding sports) is video gaming really that far off?

Games like Uno, Poker, and Final Fantasy obviously won't be considered...but games like Ikaruga, Call of Duty, and Fighting games should definitely be considered. Look at the evo championships-

What these guys do requires a lot of skill and at least deserve to be in the conversation of sports...a very controversial conversation.

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