Thursday, July 2, 2009

E74 Flu

Remember Bird Flu? the RRoD is like Bird Flu

The E74...well the E74 is looking like Swine Flu for the 360.

It's funny when users were reporting getting the E74 error and Joystiq reported on it. People were either defending Microsoft or complaining that Joystiq was just adding to the hysteria of an already plagued machine. Well, its pretty much confirmed that E74 is legit and M$ has officially gave it the same extended coffin treatment as the RRoD.

It hit home today when I got a message on Live that my boy DASS (PlantationSlim) got the E74. The E74 is what I like to call the Early-Adopter Curse- let me explain

Yooooo...I Got the 360 son! Yeaaaa I got that HDMI one too and its 80gb got that black ELITE SON!

you see Early Adopters HATE it when they get shafted out of added video ports and bigger hard drives so they put a curse on those who laughed at them when they were standing in line. This curse has manifested into E74...

yoooo...I thought they fixed RRoD.

Yea they did, but it looks like your HDMI got that H1N1.

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