Friday, July 17, 2009

Cellphone Convergence

Garmin is making a phone.
TomTom is releasing a GPS kit/app for the iPhone.

Soon- Nikon and Canon will need to start branching out in the same way. People are not going to want to carry a camera AND their phone, especially to parties where they might not have enough space in their pockets/purses.

Sony might be the only company that has a history of making cameras, computers, video games, TVs, stereo, walkmans, etc.

I want to carry a Sony NinjaStar- it has an HD radio, Bluetooth stereo, 1080p OLED capacitive multitouch screen, portrait pad (physical qwerty) with rumble, LTE, uncompressed audio (Dolby TrueHD, DTS-MA), HDMI out, HD video camera (front and back). It has a 4TF (teraflop) SSD and the battery lasts 4 years so I charge it every World Cup...oh yea, I want it unlocked.

I will pay 60.00/month for UNLIMITED everything and I will be able to tether my LTE 100gbps connection at no extra charge. I won't even need my ISP anymore because my phone is fast enough and can serve as a wifi router/gateway.

If I lose my phone I can remotely lock it and track it via its GPS capability with 100x the accuracy and 100% more features than what is currently offered by the 3GS and MobileMe.

And if you think that is cool wait until the Sony Samurai comes out

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